Scholarship Recipients

The following are the 2018 Graduating Senior Scholarship winners:

Elizabeth Stacy
James R. Kaffenberger Scholarship

Alayna Sizemore
Humig-Weibe Scholarship Fund

Kendal McCool
Richard and Helen Maley
Memorial Scholarship
Kyle Grubb
Jennifer Suzanne Brown
Memorial Scholarship Fund
Casey Wright
John E. Lane Memorial
Scholarship Fund
Cody Prifogle
Popper Family Memorial
Scholarship Fund 
 Maggie Wendel
Lucille M. Ernst
Scholarship Fund
Evan Apsley
Donald H. Wolber
 Chloe Lea
James Runyon Memorial
Scholarship Fund
Kamryn McCool
Saxon-Robbins Scholarship

Special thanks to John Estridge
along with the parents and students 
for student photos.