Grant Recipients – 2017

Listed Left to Right –
Front Row:

Brad Tebbe                         Brookville Foundation
Don Jobe                             Brookville Foundation
Shirley Lamb                      Whitewater Canal
Linda Adams                      Town of Laurel
Patti Wilhelm                     Franklin County Arts Council
Danielle Warmuth             Special Olympics
Andrew Warmuth              Guest
Linda Rosenberger            Imagination Library
Melinda Brown                   Stayin Alive
Rachel McGee                     Imagination Library
Gus Adams                          Town of Laurel
Martha Shea                       Brookville Foundation

Back Row:
Mike Biltz                            Town of Brookville
Brent Riehle                       Town of Brookville
Ray Amrhein                      American Legion
Kelly Bulmer                       United Way
Mary Mattingly                  Sage Passage
Mary Ellen Buckler           Franklin County Health Department
Mary Buck                           Franklin County Health Department
Tom Vohland                      Kiwanis Club
Arthur Hildebrand            Brookville Foundation