Annual Grants


Applications for grants form The Brookville Foundation this year must be made by the second Monday in August. The foundation supports philanthropic organizations and activities in the Franklin County Community. It makes limited grants for extraordinary purposes, which increase the efficiency of new or existing programs. Often its grants are “challenge” grants, encouraging the raising of matching funds.

It is policy of The Brookville Foundation not to grant funds to individuals, to organizations for sectarian or religious purposes, or to private or sectarian primary or secondary schools, or to sectarian pre-school or day care centers.

Upon reviewing applications, The Brookville Foundation will make grants to facilitate projects for the benefit of the citizens of Franklin County and qualified entities providing services to Franklin County Citizens. The Board of Trustees of The Brookville Foundation encourages all qualified entities to “dream” big and submit applications for assistance for projects, which service our community.

Application forms are available July 1 at the Brookville Town-Township Library, 919 Main Street, Brookville, Indiana 47012, and on our website and should include the following:

  1. Evidence that applying organization has the proper tax exemption with statement to this effect from the Internal Revenue Service;
  2. A detailed budget justifying the amount requested, and except for new programs, an accurate operating statement for the prior period;
  3. Verification that the request is made by action of the organization’s governing body;
  4. Qualifications of the key personnel and the names and identification of the members of the governing body; and

The Foundation expects all grant recipients, at the completion of the project, submit an accounting of all disbursements.

Complete application forms consisting of the original and one copy should be sent to:
The Brookville Foundation,
P.O. Box 184,
Brookville, Indiana 47012
by the second Monday in August.

Arthur K. Hildebrand, President
The Brookville Foundation